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Posted by Krista Schell Burroughs  •  Date: January 26, 2015


War is ugly. The war on terrorism is especially gruesome, not simply because of the enemy’s tactics, which are indeed evil, but because now more than ever before our shores have not been shielded from the terror. And all the horrors of war are being played out before us; at least for those paying attention.

The loss of life and freedom is front and center. The threat is real. It is not pleasant. It isn’t meant to be. Open your eyes. It’s war, folks.

The peace lovers with their protest signs, Facebook posts, editorials misleading readers and viewers as being hard news, and blogs crying ‘peace, not war’ or ‘can’t we all just get along?” - how’s that worked with terrorists so far?

Our commander in chief wants diplomacy with Satan. Shake hands, sit down to tea, discuss our differences. Newsflash! The terrorists don’t want tea. They want heads! They mock us. It will be a real hoot for them when the US Marines present them with a bouquet of flowers. Flowers are not what the Marines are trained to deliver!

What will make you safe? RELEASE THE LEASH put on the US Marines and let them do their jobs! They are trained to defeat our enemies, secure our borders, and preserve our freedom. Because our military is being held back, because they are so restricted with rules of engagement, they can’t do their job.

Wake up and smell the gun powder. Turning your head, retreating to your nice home and life, does not make you safe. Saying something is so, doesn’t make it so. Living in a fantasy world does not assure your freedom. Those who think it does, who think they can look the other way and everything will take care of itself, are kidding themselves.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters gave a detailed plan to Bill O’Reilly on how he would fight terror.

“One: You accept that you are in a war. Two: You name the enemy, Islamist terrorists. Three: You get the lawyers off the battlefield […] you accept there will be collateral damage and you do not apologize for it. You do not nation build, you don’t try to hold ground. You go wherever in the world the terrorists are and you kill them, you do your best to exterminate them, and then you leave, and you leave behind smoking ruins and crying widows. If in five or 10 years, they reconstitute and you gotta go back, you go back and do the same thing, and you never, never, never send American troops into a war you don’t mean to win,” Peters said. (http://insider.foxnews.com/2015/01/09/lt-col-peters-plan-fight-terror-leave-behind-smoking-ruins-crying-widows )

Right on target. Lt. Col. Peters has laid out the only plan that will eradicate the terrorists. The “let’s talk about it” is worn out. We already know the costs. And it’s chump change compared to where this is heading. The enemy is here. In our country. They’re spreading. All the current administration’s talk was an open invitation for the enemy to come for dinner. The way to end this is to RELEASE THE LEASH! Let the Marines do their job. Let all the military branches do their job!

Contact your Congressman and tell them to RELEASE THE LEASH!