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Posted by Krista Schell Burroughs  •  Date: January 26, 2015


I saw “American Sniper” over the weekend. What a powerful, intense and emotional movie. To all who read this, I highly encourage you to see it if you haven’t already. And may you never, ever know one of these courageous, selfless people personally.

American Sniper has released a reality that needed to be shared. Chris Kyle was real. He was not fiction. And he wasn’t alone. We have more snipers out there, whether active military or contractors, we have men and women who have and are sacrificing more than life itself on behalf of our country, to ensure our freedom and security from the deadly vermin of the world. This incredible group is a rare and special breed.

I dare say you will not find a more God and Country American than this elite group. They are the best of the best. And they damn well better be. They represent the epitome of the word patriot. I know of no one else willing to give up the American Dream so the rest of us can live it.

To a friend…so many times I urged you to just quit, retire, leave. And so many times the reply was “you don’t just walk away.” American Sniper confirmed this and your imploring me to understand finally sunk in.

American snipers can be anywhere geographically, but they are not psychologically in the same place. Their world is a different world than ours. We would not survive in their world and they cannot survive in ours. They exist to protect our country, our way of life, us and our loved ones, *their* loved ones, their comrades. They carry a heavy burden, living wherever the mission takes them and remaining until the mission is done. It's always the most dangerous places on earth.

Thank you, Chris Kyle, for committing your life to save ours from horror and terror greater than we can imagine. To all American snipers, and there are several, job well done. Thank you for taking on one of the most dangerous jobs on earth, at the greatest cost. It is past time we know of your reality.


To Bradley Cooper, I didn’t know you had it in you. Well done. You played the role of your lifetime to perfection. You are Chris Kyle.

And, to Clint Eastwood, thank you for bringing this story to our attention, in a perfect way so everyone can understand the Chris Kyle’s of this world, so we ‘get it’ and get it right. I will lay down my last dollar to say there are millions who have got your back, Mr. Eastwood, while the American snipers have got all of ours.

Final note:
Before taking offense, this blog was not written to lessen my appreciation of all branches of the United States Military, nor the vital contractors roles in ensuring our freedom. It is a moment to recognize a specific group for the role they played and continue to play so all citizens can enjoy the freedoms of the United States of America.